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TFF - The Skinny from our Co-founders

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

In 2016, the founders of Elektrik Eventz moved to South Florida from our Nation’s Capitol with a 2 year “layover” in Pensacola Beach, FL. After just a few months here, they felt they were finally at Home, engulfed in its natural beauty, unique energy and abundant nightlife....but something was 'off' in paradise. South Florida was flooding when there was little to no rain. Hurricanes were becoming more frequent, and obscenely powerful "Frankenstorms." Single-use plastic pollution was pouring out of hotels, beach businesses, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and music festivals, spilling out of trash cans and onto dance floors at MMW and Art Basel events, it was clogging up storm drains on the highway, peppering communities, floating in the canals and ending up on the beaches and in the ocean, and no one seemed too concerned about it. Any of it.

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