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Keep Your Money! Here's How to #GiveBack without Spending a Penny.

Sharing is caring! It spreads love, helps facilitate real Change - and it doesn't cost you a thing.


Funds are super tight, we get it - hello Covid impact. Can't donate - no problem! No, we're not kidding. There are SO MANY ways you can #GiveBack without even looking at your wallet. HERE'S HOW:


First, head to our page

Step 1.

From the page menu, click 'More' (if you're on desktop) or simply scroll to the right if you're in the app on your phone.

Step 2.

Click on 'Fundraisers'

Step 3.

From the Fundraiser tab, click 'Raise Money'

On the left of your screen (desktop) is where you can create & edit YOUR personal fundraiser. On the app it will just be full-screen.

< Set your amount that you want to help raise

< Choose your end date from the calendar drop-down

**TIP: pick the furthest date out that you can to give your fundraiser more time & exposure

< In this section, you can edit & add your own words to personalize your fundraiser, or you can totally leave it as is. It's completely up to you!

< Click 'Create'

AND DON'T FORGET TO INVITE FRIENDS! It's just like creating an event, you want people to know about it and show up!

final step: share it!

You've literally only spent about 2 minutes on this, but your impact will be felt for much longer!


for instagram:

first, head to our account

This one is even EASIER than Facebook, and you have more options!

Use these steps to SHARE the fundraiser that's already on our Insta:

< Step 1.


< Step 2.

Click on the fundraiser just under our bio

Step 3.

Click 'Add to Story'

Just do what you normally do in your stories; add text or GIFs, etc & post!


to create your own tff fundraiser from your own insta:

< Choose a pic just like you would do for any other post

< Write your caption


< Tag people + add location if you like

< Click "Add Fundraiser"

You can toggle on + cross-post to Facebook or any other platform you have attached to your insta if you like

< After clicking "Add Fundraiser" it will prompt you to choose the nonprofit

< In the search bar, type in "fantasy" and then click 'fantasyfoundation' once it pops up (it should be the first)

Once you've chosen us as your nonprofit, you'll be taken to the Fundraiser Details page.

< Double check that you have the right nonprofit (us!)

< Type in your fundraising goal amount ($1K is a good start for a 30 day fundraiser, but you can start as low as $500 if you like)

< Click "Done" in the top right corner when you're finished

You're back to your "New Post" screen where you've already typed your caption, added our hashtags, tagged people *AND @fantasyfoundation of course

If you're all done, just click the blue checkmark and post your fundraiser!


You just did a good thing and it didn't cost you any $$$!


< Start a post like you normally would

< Type your caption


< Tag whoever you like

*and of course us @fantasyfoundation

< Add a location if you want

< Flip that Fundraiser toggle ON so it attaches to your post

< Cross-post to Facebook or any other platform you have attached to your insta if you like

When you're done, just POST.

Super easy.

not a collaborator but want to be? just follow us + shoot us a dm on insta and we'll send you an official invite!

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