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Birthed by two outspoken Gen X-ers with over 50 collective years living & breathing Dance & Rave Culture and a lifelong passion for The Only Dance Floor that Matters™: Our Planet Home...


The Fantasy Foundation began as an answer to a question:

What if there was an environmental NPO that didn't operate like a for-profit business, that went beyond the archaic template of 'awareness, education and cleanups' and actually kept plastic pollution out of Florida businesses, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and music festivals *and* that actually funded real solutions in sustainability here in Florida & beyond, through imaginative, original and FWD-thinking music-fueled events and partnerships?

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TFF is dedicated to environmental and conscious social change. And we believe in the scientifically-proven power of music as the catalyst to facilitate this change. We're not here to pat ourselves on the back and fool anyone into thinking we're 'making a difference' for cleaning up the same mess over and over again like so many other NPOs have been doing for decades (yet the plastics keep on coming - and now we have plastic in our blood).


Through unique and imaginative music-fueled fundraising events, collaborations across  different industries, public initiatives, media campaigns and countless other innovative means of support, TFF aims to #ENDTHEPLASTICPARTY and fund those #REALSOLUTIONS in sustainability - not keep cleaning up the same mess.


We're "in business to go OUT of business.


We're here to create such profound change through action so that it guarantees we leave future generations a world where humanity is fully reconditioned, socially-conscious and re-connected to each other and our Planet Home so that the need to clean-up a beach or a music festival, the need to fight for social justice or our environment will no longer be necessary.


There's that Fantasy, again...

But the giving won’t stop there

TFF also supports local individual do-gooders, Eco-businesses, event promoters, green startups and social movements with the same passion, with a focus on those who implement real solutions in prevention instead of following the same archaic "band-aid-on-a-bullet-wound" template collecting donations for cleaning up but never putting any funding towards actually stopping the bleeding at the source.


There are no limits. This is FANTASY.


The very first fundraising partnerships start with YOU; and you don't even need to give us anything except a few clicks.



YOU can also support us by joining AMAZON SMILE. Just click the hyperlink, choose The FantaSea Foundation as your chosen charity - that's it!


Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice - no money out-of-pocket from you. AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you already use; same products, same prices, same service. You'll just be supporting The FantaSea Foundation by shopping at


YOU can also help grow our community of like-minded earth warriors and ocean lovers by simply liking us and following us and inviting your friends to do the same!

Our Family partnerships with the Conscious Dance Culture™ purveyors at Elektrik Eventz, Sunday Social Florida, Elektrik Fantasy Festival, and our soon-to-be-launched #Road2Fantasy series leading up to the festival will all enable TFF to scale up our support and our innovative strategy, facilitating us to help provide more sustainable solutions and plastic alternatives to bars, nightclubs, music festivals and other coastal businesses, communities, municipalities and eventually the entire sunshine state. We will fund bigger “givebacks” for those individuals and entities who are doing right by our Planet Home so there may be more viable sustainability solutions, better renewable energy advocacy, genuine education and broader understanding, leading to a cleaner, healthier environment and a more conscious and intimately connected Humanity - here in our beloved Sunshine State and beyond.

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