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Why Didn't We "Do Something" for Earth Month/Earth Day?

Because TFF isn't like every other ENPO....

So check it: we follow many other ENPO's (environmental non profit organizations) and subscribe to their newsletters.

and literally the only times we get bombarded by post notifications or emails in our inbox are:

1. when it's giving tuesday and they want money
2. when it's the holidays (and they want money)
3. and yep, you guessed it - when it's earth month/earth day and they suddenly have all kinds of advice on 'how to recycle more' or 'how to be zero waste', or they're hosting all kinds of 'earth day' events (ahem, cleanups) or they're a part of some 'eco fest' (alongside vendors who utilize single-use plastic cups, straws, bags, utensils, to-go containers)...

oh, and they want money.

So you see, while we at TFF might follow and subscribe to other ENPO's, we don't actually follow or subscribe to their template.

TFF is different.

we believe every day is earth day.
we believe that every day we all should care, give back, make changes.
not just on earth day.

Don't get us wrong, we appreciate your donations, too. So if you feel like 'shaking things up' and putting your money towards #realsolutions,

don't want to donate? you can #giveback in other ways without spending a penny

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