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From individual idea-generators to social movements whose purpose is to RE-connect us to our Oceans, establishing stronger renewables advocacy and reuniting us with our roles as caretakers of our Planet Home, our focus is on supporting the people and entities who provide SOLUTIONS like these...

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Supporting those who

speak truth


Green Building and Sustainable Infrastructure for Coastal Cities

Screenshot_2020-05-26 Giant Floating Sol

Giant Floating Solar Farms Could Make Fuel and Help Solve the Climate Crisis

Ghanians fuel from plastic.JPG

Genius Ghanaians turn plastic waste into fuel


Solar Panel Window Blinds? Perfect fit for Florida!

ecobricks2 Abhishek Banerjee.jpg

Indian student creates a brick made from recycled plastic

cactus plastic.JPG

Biodegradable 'plastic' from cactus juice?!


Solar Street Lights and other Renewables Advocacy