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imagination worth funding
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From individual idea-generators to social movements whose purpose is to RE-connect us to our Oceans, establishing stronger renewables advocacy and reuniting us with our roles as caretakers of our Planet Home, our focus is on supporting genuine Change as well as the people and entities who provide SOLUTIONS like these...

just imagine...

restaurants eco.jpg

ALL Florida restaurants get funding to help them switch to 100% eco-friendly single-use plastic alternatives


Green Building and Sustainable Infrastructure to be required for ALL new multi-use commercial structures in Florida to offset loss of natural land & displacement of wildlife

Solar Panels

Supporting individuals & communities reach self-sustainability through renewables

Environment Pollution

Florida canals, waterways, communities & beaches we DON'T have to clean up


The further development & production of Solar Panel Window Blinds for Florida residents & businesses


Solar-powered Street Lights on ALL Florida roads & in ALL Florida communities

Screenshot_2020-05-26 Giant Floating Sol

Giant Floating Solar Farms to replace offshore Oil Drilling in the Gulf and Atlantic Ocean

The FantaSEA Foundation PNG1.png

Like we said,


the archaic template of

"awareness, education,


on to funding



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