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Finally...Someone else said it.

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

After a few years of already knowing about the biggest threat to our Oceans, someone finally made a documentary about it. Thank you, SEASPIRACY.

After watching this documentary, not only were we even more shocked to learn of the levels of destruction and violence that over-fishing causes, but we were even more so relieved in our decision to break ties with one of the environmental NPO's actually interviewed in the film, and to learn that they are in fact "in bed with" the commercial fishing industry.

There is a LOT of controversy over this, as there always is when society has literally been conditioned for centuries to believe otherwise; however, the bare truth remains that our over-consumption of EVERYTHING is destroying our Planet, and, will ultimately destroy US.

We here at TFF highly encourage you to watch SEASPIRACY, and hope it will at least bring you to even the smallest decision to go vegan at least 1-2 times a week: no seafood, meat or poultry. Remember, WE control the demand, and we also control our own demise.

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