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Elektrik Fantasy's 2020 South Florida Debut Halted by COVID-19

VIA ELEKTRIK FANTASY FESTIVAL WEBSITE: Just as it was looking like Elektrik Fantasy IV would be the first music festival to open its gates and welcome eager underground dance music fans and eco-warriors alike since the pandemic hit and wiped out every other music gathering large and small across the nation this past March...

...after a formal meeting with our host city officials we have decided to postpone (yet again), but this time in the name of a different kind of Change: the health and safety of our Fantasyzers, staff, partners, artists, vendors and the public.

While we were prepared since June to implement above-and-beyond safety measures for this fall including free reusable Elektrik Fantasy canteens and masks as well as cash-free transactions and even capping attendance, it would not have been the full and exquisite festival vision that our fans and our Planet Home deserve.

Full details here.


This makes 2 very special and highly anticipated partner fundraising events which have been brought to a halt by the pandemic, but it doesn't stop our mission. We have other unique collaborations in the works, thanks to so many reaching out to shift their events to focus on sustainability and giving back - it truly is remarkable!

In the meantime, please DONATE to the cause - and we'll make sure you get a credit for future event tickets, when the world is ready to unite and dance again!

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