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The first physical step to environmental and conscious social change is re-claiming the spaces you share with Mama Nature:

via The Cleanup.

NPO's have been cleaning up the same mess over and over again for decades now - repeating this 'first step' nonstop - but it really hasn't stopped the single-use plastics from being produced or utilized, has it? 

At TFF, we're encouraging YOU to JOIN US as we re-claim the Cleanup as a First Step - not a real solution - and use that step to help fund #RealSolutions in sustainability.

Men Volunteering
Men Volunteering

community cleanups

Honestly, how does it make you feel when you go out and about (to work, the store, to meet up with friends for lunch, to the beach, etc.) and all along the roads, sidewalks, parking lots and neighborhoods you see TRASH peppering the beautiful tropical area you call Home?

Yeah, it makes us pretty sad, too.

But this is OUR BACKYARD, so let's unite and clean it up together!

beach clean
& funky brunch


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